Entry requirements

Access to the Master of Science in Geoinformatics Engineering implies prior acquisition of a Bachelor of Science. Admissions are evaluated by an Admission Commission, accordingly to the following criteria

  • previous career
  • adequacy of personal preparation
  • knowledge of English

Curricular requisites and adequacy of personal preparation are required, to be verified using procedures defined in the teaching regulations and applied by the Admission Commission.

In general, to be admitted, a Bachelor degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Italian class L-7) or in Computer Science and Engineering (Italian class L-8) obtained in Politecnico di Milano is needed.

Alternatively, an Italian technical-scientific Degree is needed. The duration of this Degree must be of at least three years. For an automatic admission, the bachelor degree should include at least 180 CFU, of which

  • at least 40 CFU in Italian disciplines (SSD) MAT/01, MAT/02, MAT/03
  • at least 10 CFU in Italian discipline (SSD) ING-INF/05
  • at least 10 CFU in Italian disciplines (SSD) ICAR/02, ICAR/03, ICAR/06

For candidates who possess a foreigner degree that is recognized by Politecnico di Milano, the same criteria will be applied. Where the conformity between the passed exams and the Italian discipline classes is not immediate, the Admission Commission will evaluate the curriculum.

All students must have a certificate certifying knowledge of English at least to level according to the parameters indicated in the corresponding notices prepared by the Student Services Area of the Politecnico di Milano.

For more info about the admission process, visit the Polinternational website