General presentation of the study programme

The vision of Digital Earth was proposed by Al Gore in 1998 as a multi-dimensional  and multi-resolution  model of the planet to  contextualize the huge amount of spatial information relating to the physical and socio-economic  environment.  Every day humans generate quintilion (1018) bytes of data: 80% of them are spatial data acquired from fixed and mobile in-situ sensors, on satellites, aircrafts, UAVs  or land vehicles, digital documents and social media. Such a massive flow generates new challenges since stored data have to be analyzed and processed, both in real-time and off-line, to extract information. Therefore a new scientific and technical figure who combines expertizes of Computer Science, Environmental Engineering and Geomatics is needed.

The Master of Science in Geoinformatics Engineering is a two years international master course taught in English for Italian and foreign students. The Master of Science in Geoinformatics Engineering is the first in Italy and exploits the long lasting experience of Politecnico di Milano in both Environmental, Geomatics and Computer Science to form new and multidisciplinary experts highly requested by both private and public sectors.

Geoinformatics Engineers are high level experts in technologies for measuring, georeferencing, managing, analyzing, visualizing and publishing spatial and time varying information, with a particular concern to environmental data. Geoinformatics Engineers will thus be involved in the design, implementation and operation of geodata projects to support the new paradigms of Participative Digital Earth, Smart City and Smart Society as well as a variety of decisions at regional, country and global level.  Urban and agricultural land planning, monitoring and management, infrastructure design, transport and traffic monitoring and management, environmental modeling, geography, Earth sciences are the main application fields of Geoinformatics Engineering. All those fields attain to the general context of sustainable management of environment and land.

Education rules of the programme